Busy day busy mind

It’s been a fast paced busy day. I’m not sure if I got lots done or if my mind just made it seem that way. I’m tired. A good tired though. I think I got lots done. It doesnt matter either way really. What has been interesting is the customer chatted lots. Usually it’s me who is chattering away. Anyway I listened.  

  I’ve had several small realisations today. Firstly everything is always alright. Well so far in life it’s that way. I’m still alive so it’s not gone so badly. Also I’ve realised that we are all pretty crazy in some way. Some more than others and some less so. It’s all good. Life is good. The weather is good and I’m all good. I feel like I’m getting back on top and everything will be cool. It’s always cool even when it’s hot. Also I’ve realised that others are important in life. I’ve avoided others lots over the last few years. I think I can come out a bit more again now.

I should live somewhere warm forever. Somewhere nice. Somewhere I don’t have to work too.  I’ll make it happen. I create my reality.  

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