Thursday but thought it was Wednesday!

I didn’t write this morning. Too much going on in my mind and I just ran out of time. I’ve realised today is Thursday and not Wednesday! Well what a roller coaster today has been. I’ve been up. I’ve felt down , I’ve felt both together, I’ve felt mentally tired but physically full of energy, I’ve had enough and not enough too, I’ve had no focus and I’ve had total focus. What a mad day. I’m glad I work alone! Anyone else would think I’m a bit bonkers, I am in a good way.

  I’ve been thinking about giving up facebook again today. I might well get my arse off there soon as I find it can distract me lots. I’m never sure which way around it is, is facebook a trigger or do I go on there more when high or low…?  I’m not sure at all. 

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