Saturday, anger and stuff

I didn’t post in here this morning because someone had tried to hack into the site. Anyway this morning I had a raging anger. Really bad anger welled up inside me. I went to work briefly for a few hours and luckily I was alone. I felt like going out to find trouble. To find a fight. A physical violent fight. I wanted to get hurt and beat someone to a pulp. I dwelled on it. I revelled in it. And I raged away in my own head torturing myself all the more. After I finished at 11am I drove home and went to bed for a few hours. I slept like a log. Luckily when I woke I felt a little better.  I lost my temper last night and told my daughter off for something minor. I told her off unnecessarily. I apologised straight away. Poor little thing. She’s 9.  

 Once up this afternoon I took us out for late lunch and have calmed even more since. We had a nice time and have also had a fire in the garden along with marshmallows. All is getting better again. We even planted the veggie garden too this evening. 

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