Funeral today

It’s my dads funeral today and im starting to get angry. Actually I’m very angry already. Almost in a rage. It’s simmering away below the surface.  I’ll not suffer bullshait or fools lightly today. I’ve got the fuck gun ready and anyone who pisses me off will get both barrels. Boom. Fucking cunts. They can all fuck right off. There are a few who need telling. They need telling that they’re arseholes and wankers. Piss taking fuckers.

    My dreams were pretty strange last night. I dreamt I was getting injections. Also that I was cleaning shoes. I’ve no idea what that’s all about.  

People piss me off. They can fuck off.  I’m sure I’ll hear some good stories today.  I’ll probably hear all kinds of bullshit too. Maybe I should give a speech about what my dad really thought about people, both the good and the bad.  That’d be good wouldn’t it an honest funeral speech. I could stand there and point people out. Starting with all the good things. They’d all think how nice. Then boom I could point and say ‘ my dad said you were a cunt and couldn’t stand you. He didn’t want you in his house when he was ill. In fact he locked the door so he didn’t have to see you. He said you are a horrible person’ boom and on and on.  Yes yes yes I’m not likely to do that really. But maybe I should. Some people really do need telling. It’s the fucking  hippocrits I hate. Like the people who owe him money and have done for years. He was a soft touch for a sob story and for helping people out.  Funny thing is those people don’t know that I know who they are. Fuckers. I’ll get them. I’ll get even with them. Boom.  Anyway if anyone gives me bullshit today they’re getting it point blank. Cunts.  

 So how am I feeling?  Well I guess angry is a start. Getting a bit high too which is a worry but fuck it. It is what it is. 

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