Thoughts of today Saturday 30th may 2015

So it’s Saturday lunchtime already. Life goes on. Yesterday was the funeral and it was a good send off. Lots of my dads close friends and family came to say good bye to him. It seems strange or even funny that he is dead and buried in a hole in the ground. How funny life is and the traditions and superstitions we give to it. Anyway it’s time to take stock of lie and move forwards. Ive got lots of bridges to rebuild with people. Lots of things to do. Lots of socialising to start doing again too. For the last few years I have been pretty much a hermit. My mental health has almost crippled me at times, hell it’s even nearly killed me! Or I’ve nearly killed me! The last few years are over now. Both my parents have died and no amount of grief, anger or frustration will bring them back so it time grow a little more and move onwards. Life is precious.      

I’m not sure where life will take me or my family now but I do know I’m strong.  I’m stronger than I’ve ever known. I’ve also grown a lot lately too and in ways I never realised I could grow. There are things I need to change and other things indeed to start doing but I will get there. I know that depression will creep up on me as will the crazy highs but for now I accept that it’s part of who I am and I will do my best to just be myself.      


Life goes on and always will. 

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