Ok so it’s sunday already. I was high yesterday and completely forgot to write anything.  Friday and Saturday night I was up late. Well it was Saturday and Sunday morning before sleep. I’ve had 3/4 of a bottle of wine and I’m slightly pissed but fuck it I deserve it. I’m fucking awesome motherfuckers. Life’s so short. So very short. Who knows. When it will end. I’ve been online and have just bought a book about polytunnel a and also a cover for a polytunnel. Oh forgot to say we picked up a free polytunnel Friday night. How lucky is that. We’ve got about £350-450 pounds worth of polytunnel for £85 if you include hotspot tape. Anyway the epweather is really good and the greenhouse has been up to over 40*c. All is good. It’s strange though. Life I mean. We are born. We fuck about and think we know what we are doing but in reality we are all just winging it. Then we die. We kick the fucking bucket. No wonder the world is fucked. Up haha. That’s life I guess.  Humans. The bane of earth. Nature always finds a way. Nature will survive the fall of humankind. Good I say. Fuck it all. We all die. We don’t all love though. 

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