Wednesday thoughts

Its Wednesday and I have realised I’ve not written for a few days. I’ve been up and down. I’ve struggled to sleep over the weekend and then ended up completely shattered. I’m feeling worn out. We are still clearing my dads house and have to be finished by Sunday.  Almost there but just a final few things to get sorted.  I might well take some time off work to get it cleared early so we can have a weekend at home or doing our own things.  

 I cleared some garden rubbish last night and it felt like a real tonic. I burnt them as they were too big to compost and our shredder isn’t the best. There’s a lesson to be learned there, buy the best you can if its a machine or tool. We are trying to reuse things and recycle or upcycle things.  I guess things don’t always go as planned though but that’s ok. That’s life.  Lessons learned and progress made.  I hope that show the rest of my life goes now. It certainly needs to that’s for sure. I guess the important thing is I’m getting through everything. The grief is lessening now and I ddont have the anger that I had late last week. It’s time to let everything go. 

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