Nuts. It’s all nuts

I’m getting really shit at posting. I’ve been pretty high the last few days. Actually fuck it I’ve been very high. I’ve struggled to relax and to get to sleep. I’ve been agitated. I’ve been edgy as fuck too. Earlier this week I was low and drained then boom, I’m up. Way up. I had a brief nap this afternoon and it’s helped level me a bit but my thoughts are still racing though. I’m always doing countless things all at once. I’m superb. I’m cool. Life’s cool.   Today at work I had some very weird surreal Moments and felt like I was loosing control of my consciousness. I almost flaked out a few times too. All is good though. Life is just playing catch up. I’m a monster. A beast. I’m immortal.  

I also got lots of stuff sorted at my dads house the last few days. It’s nearly empty now. Superb. It’ll be a huge relief when all is done and dusted. There’s not too much to get shifted now. The scrap man came to clear away lots of metal today.  That was this morning. This afternoon I got a bit of a  rage so smashed some stuff up. It’s all cool though. It’ll all be alright in the end. If it’s not alright then it’s not the end. 

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