Monday I’m superb

It’s Monday yet again and I’ve not had a day off over the weekend. In fact quite the opposite. I’ve been putting up the polytunnel in the garden. Make. Hay while the sun shines and you’re high hahahahaha.  So Saturday morning I started working at 8 am and finished at maybe 8:30-9 pm. And got so much done.  Yesterday I started in the garden before 7 am and finished the polytunnel for the night at after 10 pm.  It did rain briefly for a few hours so we went out to lunch. So I had maybe 2-3 hours off in that time. We took some garden rubbish to the recycle centre so it can be shredded and composted. It was too much for our shredder and compost heap.  Anyway we got so much done this weekend.  Fantastic.  The polytunnel is pretty much finished and that includes making raised beds and bringing in over 2 tonnes of topsoil from the neighbours garden too.  Fantbloodytastic.  Superb. I’m feeling awesome. I guess you could say I’m reasonably high….haha

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