It’s Wednesday already. Yesterday I ended up worn out and had a couple of hours deep sleep in the early afternoon. I’m back up to it again though today. Superb. I’m not writing much, which I ought to, because I’m so so busy doing stuff and projects and making stuff. I’ve realised I’m pretty warm in my body etc again. I’m pretty high but not stupidly high. It’s a beautiful fantastical level. I’m so productive and I’m learning so much so fast. It’s all awesome.  Today my son and I built a rocket stove. It only uses a few sticks to heat a big pot of water. It’s super efficient. I’m using the compost heap to do the same. I’ve got a 25lt tub half full of water buried in the compost and in only a few short hours it’s hot enough to wash up or shower in. Superb. It’s all trial stuff for bigger projects. It’s all permaculture. Superb way of life. So we can wash up with freely heated water. How cool is that?  I’m mindful of the crash that could come and ive been trying to be restful. I need to start working out again. I’m down to 13 1/2 stone. I was nearly 16 stone not so long ago. Anyway we are growing our own food so that’s good too. We had free gooseberries tonight for dessert from a friend in exchange for 3 or 4 sprouting broccoli plants. Excellent. The polytunnel is over half planted or seeded too now. All good. Life is good. It’s beautiful. My focus is excellent when I’m focused on something that I love. It’s graat. I’m aware I’m a bit out there too though but I’m making the best of my productiveness while it’s here. I could counb a mountain. Maybe I should. 

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