Sunday 12 th July

I’m  getting terrible at writing this blog. I don’t know why I’m not making the time. I guess it’s because my mind is so busy with things that I keep forgetting. I must make more of an effort to get things down. Today I’m pretty bloody tired. I had a minor lay in. Normally i get up and do things on a Sunday and then go back to bed for a nap and rest. I didn’t do that today. Too much to do.  I’ve got goldfish now. They’re in the water butt. They’re in there to keep the gnat larvae at bay and also to fertilise the water with their poo. So double purpose. Maybe triple because they’re lovely to look at too. They’re so fast. They’re happy too. Anyway it’s all part of my permaculture ideas for our garden and home.  Talking of which the polytunnel is almost full of things now. Today we bought some small iceberg lettuce plants and I’ve planted those in there. We have some lettuce seedlings coming on ready to go in there too when big enough, they’re little gem ones. We also bought a thyme plant for in there, which I’ve planted.  We have also planted some parsley that we’ve grown and some Dill too.  It’s all looking very good. I’m now concerned about the aubergines after seeing some plants at the garden centre. I guess you could say it’s made me paranoid that mine aren’t as good as they could be. It’s silly how I can get paranoid over next to nothing. Anyway they’re a different type of aubergine and they’ve probably been forced on a bit too. Mine have been very carefully grown. I have now pinched the top outfoxed three of the sixth at are in the polytunnel to see how they grow differently from now onwards.  They’re all getting their flowers forming but they’re not getting much bigger, the flowers that is. It’ll all one right in the end I’m sure and it’s all a steep learning curve. I honestly,try didn’t think we would have so many plants growing now!!  Oh well it’s all good.  My mood has been pretty bloody good lately apart from when I’m tired but that’s ok. I just need to rest a bit more.

  Life’s good. We should be going to latitude festival next weekend but that in itself is causing me some mental stress because I’m worried about the plants, I’m worried about being tired, I’m worried about our tent, our kids, about my mood, about the cost of being there and eating there. I’m not sure if we will cook lots there or buy food there. I really don’t know. There should be about 35,000 people there too! I really hope I’m in the mood for it. 

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