Its been a good week and I’ve been on a good level apart from a cold/virus thing.  I’m coughing up a nasty phlegm. It seems like it happens most summers too. I’m not sure if it’s the summer or if it’s the fact I work even harder and longer in the summer. Maybe a bit of both. Who knows.

  I’ve been reading some more spiritual stuff and realise where I need to head in life. I need to head the way I am going and to steer clear of distractions. Most things in it are a distraction. I’ve read an article that resonates with me once again. I know more than is in the article and also what’s hidden in the article too but it’s woken me from slumber yet again.  I’m hoping it may resonate with others. I’ve shared it on my Facebook and various groups too.

I must keep trying to write in here daily. It’s not happening lately. I’m so busy. Busy mentally and physically.  Something I’ve not wrote down was that on Wednesday we took our son to an appointment with a psychiatric nurse. We spoke about my mental health and she suggested I take an adult Autism/Aspergers test.  So I did. I hurried it the first time but scored well above the average cut off point. When I did it properly I scored even higher. It’s a bit shocking but it’s cool. It’s ok. It explains even more. 

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