Monday thoughts about stuff

It’s Monday again. That means work but it also means a drumming lesson tonight. That’s good. I’m still feeling good. I guess I’m feeling level even. It’s strange. It feels like I’m kind of fake. I’m not sure if it means I feel fake now or fake when high or low. Hard to explain. Anyway it’s ok. I know I’ll go up or down again at some point. This time last year if I had of felt level Id of believed Id cured myself, but not now. I know more, much more, about myself. I know I’ll go up and down. I know I can be a nightmare to live with too. My wife is a diamond to put up with me.

Anyway life is good. I’m more cautious when making decisions now too. Only last week I took out a loan of £7500 because it meant I got a better interest rate than what I had on a previous loan that still had just over £3000 left on it. I can now pay the difference off and either lower the length or lower the payments. A year and a half ago I’d of spent it by now on something bonkers! Luckily I’ve not done that this time. If anything I’m trying to cut our outgoings right down to as little as possible. I still want to cut things even lower still. We are growing even more food. Maybe this year we might save £200-300 on food. It’s not loads but it’s all good. Next year we will save even more because we’ve learnt more. Anyway life is good for now so I’m making hay as the saying goes. If I feel shit I take it easy because I know I need to. Plus for us to get off grid will take quite a while so I’ve lots of time to experiment.

Oh I nearly forgot. I bought two chickens yesterday! We now have 5 hens. Lovely. 

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