Ok so it’s Tuesday. I’ve worked my arse off today. I tried getting a job done all in one day but I’ll go back tomorroow. They can have a bill once I’m finished. Woohoo. I need to get the money in. Loads of people owe me money too. Some for far too long! I’m too kind when it comes to money. I’m going to be like concrete and harden the fuck up!  It’s all good and well being owed. It’s better not to be owed! It’s time to tighten my belt and pull my socks up. Get the money in. Superb.

Anyway life’s alright at the minute. I’m tired but all is good. Life is good. It’s better to be alive than dead that’s for sure but who knows what death brings…talking of which ive been thinking about my dad a fair bit lately. I’ve been getting flashbacks too. I’ll be driving along and then something will click or something will spark a thought then I’ll feel emotional. How well do we ever really know others? I know myself well but I honestly feel like I never really know others. I guess that’s life and it’s normal. Well fuck it it’s just how I am so hey ho. Anyway that’s where I’m at. Life’s good but tough. Money is flowing to me fast once again now too. Great. 

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