Mini high and blah blah blah

I had a mini high on Monday. I was really late going to sleep. I think I figured out the trigger too.  I felt a little similar yesterday as well.  Anyway I’ve realised yet again that because I’ve been feeling level, good and productive I’ve not been keeping up with this. Yet again is it becoming one of those things that I let slide? I think maybe most people are like this with things at times. Maybe it’s boredom and once settled we get bored. We move along to other things and forget to keep ourselves motivated. Maybe that’s why someone who is ‘successful’ at something is successful  they just have a bit better motivation and keep going at things. I don’t know  maybe I’m clutching at straws. Anyway I need to keep going with this because when I nose dive again or go high I’ll be back here running on about how shitthings are or how awesome I am. Ah yes. Almost forgot. I’m now taking chelated magnesium as a supplement. It’ll be interesting to see how it affects me and if it’s as good as I’ve read.  I’ve only been taking it for two days now and even though I sleep well I’d say it’s helped me sleep even better.  That can’t be a bad thing either.

I’m still doing lots in the garden. Still implementing lots of permaculture too. I’ve planted some over wintering veg in seed trays and also in the ground and raised beds. All is good.


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