Forgetting to post!

So yet again I keep forgetting to write something each day. It’s something I had promised myself to stick to. I don’t want it to be yet mother thing I forget about or stop doing. I fear that my life will be all about things started but never finished. I am however really studying permaculture very deeply. I do need to push it harder and further though. Before I know it another year will of passed and we will say ‘oh that year went quickly’. We need to push to make these things happen. Something that has been on my mind a bit lately is my wife’s drinking. She drinks maybe 5 nights per week and when she has had a drink her temper flares up. Ugh quicker and she has far less tolerance. I’ve been drinking at times too. And I’m still eating meat. I need to get my arse back in gear and stop fucking about at it all.  It might well mean getting off Facebook for a while too. Last year I had about 4 months off there and it was such a breath of brush air too! Maybe we need to both, my wife and I, set some goals and. Start seriously saving towards doing what we know we want to do. I don’t want us to keep letting it slip past and end up half doing it in old age we need to dream big and chase those dreams fully. As I write this I’m having de ja vu. Hmmm interesting. I’ve played tonight’s euro lottery hoping I will win but I can’t rely on dreaming about money to make things happen for us. Life is short and we need to just take the plunge and look into these things properly. The garden and permaculture are growing fast and expanding too. It’s the way forward with life.  We need to push it along a bit too. 

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