A relaxed start to the week.

I am relaxed and woke up naturally after a good sleep. I have been in deep thought lately and have been in touch with my higher self. I have realised that my life has been going in cycles. Often these are yearly cycles too, sometimes monthly and weekly, even daily at times. Modern life can take its toll on is and sometimes we need to be able to take a step back and move forwards.  Yesterday morning I felt something inside had been inspired and so I started to write. This is what I wrote.       



The rest of your life begins now. It always begins now. Now is the only time it truly is. Can there be any time other than now?
It is said that worry over the past is depression and that worry about the future is anxiety. That is very true in most cases. Right now is now. What do you feel right now? Unless you think about the future or the past then you only think about now. There is no anxiety. There is no depression.
It really is the thoughts that the mind has that leads us to wherever we head. If we concentrate on now then what happens is awareness. Full awareness. We can debate the this’s and that’s of life but that’s not the now. Still the mind. Be without thinking. Don’t analyse. Just be. Right now you are here. You are ok. Everything is ok. Don’t fear. Fear constricts your whole being. It restricts you from your full awareness. It’s amazing what freeing yourself from mental slavery really is and what it really can do. It is the simplest thing to do but yet so hard too because ego slips in and tricks you. It tricks you into thinking rather than being.
We often think that we are doing things in life to secure our futures. Futures that are based on financial security, but what about our mental and spiritual health and security. What do we do for those? Why do we fear so much? What leads to these fears and why do we react so much to these things and these stimulus? How can we free ourselves? We have to allow the moment to be open and here. To live here as much as we can. The more we live here and now the less anxiety and depression will affect us. Yes, it can still affect us, but the more we relax into the fullness of moment the less hold it has. Ego will try to rationalise us into thinking. Into thinking this or that. To trick us into old thought patterns, and thought patterns do exist and can be changed. If we become aware of a moment we free ourselves from the mental slavery of thought patterns. Thought patterns can be destructive even if we don’t think it or see it at the time, so if we can become aware and see that we can change thoughts and be open we can heal. Often there are triggers that lead to one thing and once that one thing is there the ball rolls down the hill even faster. It picks up momentum like a snowball rolling down a hill. In only a short while it doubles and then doubles again. Free yourselves of it. Be open. Be aware. Question if this is really you thinking these things. The real you. Be aware of the now and all thinking and rationalising will cease. You will feel a feeling that is beyond words. You will feel the divinity that is you. That is inside you. The divine fire and the divine spark. Free yourself if only for a brief moment. A second. A nanosecond and next time it will grow. It will become a second. Then two. Then it will just be and it won’t matter. It will be what it needs to be.
Life seems to take us by surprise. It creeps up on us when we grow up. Look at children and often you will see life lived as it should be. Lived free of the vast fears and anxieties that life, adult life, can throw at us. What do children really need? Food, a bed and somewhere to feel safe and warm. As adults that’s all we really need too but yet we complicate it into material possessions and bigger houses, warmer houses, bigger gardens and bigger fences to hide us from our neighbours and to separate us from society. It creates a self imposed segregation. The more things we have the more we feel we are doing well for ourselves but often this is at the cost of our true selves. Our true selves need nothing more than real nourishment. That nourishment is spiritual and often it’s overlooked, of course we need the same basic things as a child does too but really we don’t need more than that. We also need to feel that we belong, that we are part of something. It should be community that we should be part of, if even only a small local community or family. Family means so many things to so many people but family as a whole now is not what it used to be because of too many distractions from modern life.
So we have a choice. Do we look at the past but with modern eyes to find a way forwards or do we look to the future to find a solution? Maybe by being present in the now we can find the answers. Maybe the distractions are simply stopping the now from happening. Maybe by just being everything will be ok. Everything will balance. Life will be clearer away from the distractions. It’s like going away on a retreat to be able to be present. Sometimes we need that change of place and perspective to see that we didn’t need the change of place at all because ‘we’ or ‘I’ was always and is always there just patiently waiting to be realised.
To be present is a strange feeling. It’s what is known as ‘the zone’ in various sports or activities. Maybe we crave living on the edge because all else is forgotten about and only the moment, the now, matters and all else fades a way.
All insecurities, all fears, everything can fade away in this moment if we allow ourselves to really and truly be here. 




 I’m not sure where it will lead and even if I will edit it. I probably won’t and it is far from finished. I will continue to write more when inspired to. 

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