I’ve been off work today. I’m pretty worn out but still pretty happy. I’m unwell. Physically unwell.  My throat feels like it’s got thorns in it and my lips are full of cold sores. I’ll live. I always do. I’ve been drinking honey, lemon and ginger. The ginger is from our garden  

I have been a bit paranoid today.  Nothing too out of hand but mild. If I question it then I know it’s me. I’m still pretty level but just physically unwell. Last night, after drumming, I saw a cat in our living room that wasn’t there. It caught me out a bit but it’s ok. I can deal with things like that when I know I’m getting unwell.  I took today off because I have come to notice any warning signs and I know that if I’m coming down with a virus a day off now saves several days off later.  

I’m not sure if I’ve written this on here before but we have an allotment from 1st October. I’m really looking forwards to going up a level with growing our own food. It’s another step towards us getting off grid too. Another step towards knowing and learning what we need to go further with it when we buy land. We have a half plot but fingers crossed we are allowed the other half which is beside it too. We’ve already got some pretty well rotted manure to put on where we will plant potatoes next year and will hopefully get some more too. 

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