The world has gone madder if that’s possible

Ok so not a usual post I guess. this will play on my mind lots though. The royal airforce has been given permission to shoot down Russian planes in Syria. Just take that in for a minute. Individual pilots if they feel threatened have permission to shoot Russian planes down. That means that a pilot if he feels threatened by a Russian plane, bearing in mind they often play aeroplane tag, can start a war. Possibly another world war. That’s not good at  all. I thought I was nuts but I’m not as nuts as our so called leaders. We need to get the fuck out of Syria and let Russia get rid of ISIS. The USA and UK were never asked by Syria to go there. Russia is an ally of Syria. We are in effect invading countries. We need to get out. How can this be allowed to happen? Are the people so bloody stupid and so aught up in xfactor etc and other trite shite that they won’t know what’s going on until war is fully declared? It will be too late then. All of the war propaganda will be in full swing by then and all facts will be washed away. Wtf. We need to do what we can to avert this from happening. People will die. It’s not a game. 

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