It’s a stormy night out there. It’s beautiful. I keep forgetting to post. I guess while I’m pretty levelish I don’t see the point. I’m not sure I’ve been so level lately though. I’ve been working 7 days a week for the last few weeks. It’s all good though. I’ve some jobs that have to be finished before Christmas and I now know that I’ll do it pretty easily.  Today I have pretty. Inch finished one of them. I just have a couple of short visits to do to get the final painting done on a balcony. That won’t be too hard. The other job I can focus on properly now and apart from some small jobs that have to fit in all will be ok.   It’s funny how I’ve been fully on the go and still have loads of energy. I guess I’m a little high but not too high that it’s so uncontrollable. I need to be aware that I might go way high or crash in the Christmas holidays as I’m going at silly miles per hour and I can’t just stop. If I do then I know my body will wonder what’s going on. It’ll be good. I’ll wind down.      

    I’ve done well so far. I’ve not mentioned politics or religion. At the moment they are both pretty much hand in hand with the Middle East. The UK Parliament voted to bomb Syria last night and I’ve read that they started pretty much straight away too. Within a handful of minutes.  I had read within seconds and if that’s true then it’s appalling. Anyway. My life is superb right now. I’ve got lots of fantastic jobs lined up and customers who are great.  It’s taken a while to get back to this level again but all is good. 

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