Tired etc

I’m still tired this morning. I didn’t relax much over the weekend and my wife was away. When she came back I was tired and spaced out. Not the return she wished for I’m sure. She ended up sleeping in my daughters bed upset. When I’m like this I feel no emotion. I need a zap of energy. I’m wired but tired. I fell asleep fast but was then awoken pretty soon after and felt wired. I was then woken at 3 am by my son because he was hot from trying to sleep in his sofa den he had made. I had nightmares out of the night and my body temperature was sky high. I know that often when my temperature is like that I’m getting unwell. I’ll keep a close eye on it. I need to. Two more weeks or so and I can take a break from work. So much to do before then though. Lots. 

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