Feeling ok

I’m feeling ok today. I got up at 7:15 which is a lay in for me. I’m missing my herbal teas ordinary tea is dull and I’ve been drinking fruit juices and water whilst away. I’m really looking forwards to normal routine again. I don’t know why I didn’t bring herbal tea with me. 

We are wondering what to do today. We walked a good distance yesterday. My children and I actually ran at least a mile of it. It felt really good, maybe I’ll start running again when we get home as well as skipping and strength training. I really want to get my weights back and start working out. I love being strong. I’ve missed working out a these few years. My wife doesn’t like muscular men and that’s why I’ve not, but I love being big and strong!

Like I’ve said, I’m feeling pretty ok at the moment, but I’m working very hard on it and working hard to control it too. My only fear is I’m working too hard and if it starts going wrong it’ll go wrong fast.

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