Yesterday all my troubles

Peoplesay don’t dwell on the past. They say other such bullshit too. Imagine if you had ran someone over surely you’d dwell on it?  I haven’t ran anyone over but what a load of old bollocks some sayings are.

So yesterday I had maybe 5-6 mood changes. Slightly milder ones but enough to notice they weren’t average normal mood changes. I had 4 by lunchtime. Maybe there were more than 5-6 but I’d say the others were mild and normal.  I think what stopped them being so rapid or strong or maybe even glossed over them was hearing how unwell a friends partner is with cancer. She has lots of tumours and is very unwell and it really hit me how lucky I am just to have a mental illness. I really wish I could just take it all away from her and help them.

Last night I cooked dinner. That’s 2 nights running.  I must be coming down with the flu! I never normally cook. I was in bed not long after 9pm and was asleep at around 9:30.  My wife had to deal with our children messing about because I was so crashed out.  I could kind of hear things going on but couldn’t move or awaken enough to to help. Also I noticed that my body was shifting a lot too.  I was hot as well. I woke in the night when the moon shine on my face because the cats had moved the curtain but other than that I slept until 6:20am.  I’m edgy at the moment and maybe altitude anxious but that’s life.  I know I have start dates etc to contend with. Also today we haveameeting at the school about my son and where we go with things… far bugger all has really happened and we aren’t much further ahead than we were a year ago……

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