Starting mild again

Today and yesterday, possibly Wednesday too I have been getting more mood changes in a day again. Today maybe 10. They’re not a sever highs/lows as last time but I need to keep an eye on them.

Tonight I was cooking and listening to music and singing along quite happily when I almost burst into tears of sheer bliss and sadness both at the same time.  I’m feeling everything much stronger again. My wife said this morning to ‘take care today’ because she knew my mood was elevating. I managed to do sod all today and also get more than I wanted to done at work. I know that’s a contradiction and that’s just me and how I am haha. Maybe I will buckle my seatbelt again. Work is very busy and even more is coming in so I need to keep it all under control.  I did see some things today out of the corner of my eye one was a very white figure type being. I knew it wasn’t real but had to look twice because there is a gate near where I saw it.  I’ve also found myself singing my own ‘special’ songs today. Ah I’ve just remembered my violent thoughts as well that I’ve had mixed in with my high/low moods today. All good fun. I should sleep now and did crash out on the sofa twice earlier.  The first time was pretty surreal. I had just crashed out and must of been kind of dreaming, my phone beeped and it kind of stirred me and I noticed my wife was walking near by too. Anyway I started to say ‘what are we going to do about the…’ And stopped there just short of saying ‘snake’. I must of been dreaming/thinking about an adder as I kind of came around. She wondered what I was going on about but not nearly as much as I did ! Haha. It’s crazy but ok and not scary at all this time.  

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