A strange night

Last night I really struggled to go to sleep. I was pretty wired but also tired. I lay there for quite a long while trying to sleep and felt really agitated. Normally I lay down and its lights out. I’m not sure how long it took but it did take quite a while.  I had a sleep late afternoon because I had been really busy all day and felt tired but I’m not sure that caused this.  

Saturday I worked in the morning and then was really busy at home in the afternoon. I was pretty high on Saturday. I managed to get logs in, wash the polytunnel inside and out, wash the greenhouse inside and out, I dug a runner bean trench and put some organic matter in it ready for beans in the spring plus other things that I can’t remember. Saturday afternoon I found hot cross buns in the freezer which I forgot I had bought then cooked two and forgot I was cooking them! Luckily my wife reminded me.  

Yesterday I washed the van first thing, emptied out lots of tools that stay at home then after my wife went to work I took the children over to my storage unit and unloaded more things. After we got home I washed up then we went to the woods for a walk and stopped off at a farm shop to buy veg and fruit. We got home about 2:30pm.  I had a snooze late afternoon then got straight up and helped my wife cook dinner.  After dinner I heated up some fruit which we had picked and frozen last year.  Then the kids had a bath and I got in the bath afterwards.  I was pretty wired and couldn’t sleep. Once asleep I awoke countless times in the night. Then this morning I was awake ages before the boiler cut in so got straight up and have been kind of busy since then. I know I was very agitated in my sleep last night. I wrote a couple of emails and also messaged my oldest step daughter before getting in the bath.  This morning I have already priced a job up too !

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