Broken sleep

I had another night of broken sleep last night and I’m shattered today. I need to get some get up and go back! I didn’t get up until 7:45 and wasn’t awake until nearly 7 instead of just after 6.  

My wife is off on a course today so I am off work most of the day with our son. I have a couple of tiny jobs just to tie up so he will have to just ride along with me very briefly. I’m hoping after that’s done I can do something with him to help him learn some things. I’ll see how the weather is and if it’s nots ad we might go to the beach.

  I need to get some of my mojo back and find that inner energy. I’m feeling less than enthusiastic today and could easily just stay in bed. It’s funny because yesterday I was rearing to go.  I’ve got lots of work to get done and lots coming in.  I know exactly what could happen too….I could well go up a gear and get lots done before Easter.  It usually happens. I tail off for a few days then I inspire myself again to get cracking and get lots and lots done.  I also think I need to find someone to work for me pretty soon and help out. It’s a minefield though. I work far harder than most others do and I know that I will struggle not only to find someone who can work as hard as I do but also in the way that I do and that we can get along.  I’m a tough boss on myself let alone others! No slacking. Right it’s time to shake this sleepiness off and get motivated. 

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