It’s my sons birthday today and he’s doing well. He’s still not going to school but things are moving in the right direction to get him the help he needs.    

I’ve been a bit buzzy the last few days and also very thoughtful.  A friends partner passed away yesterday morning and I’m thinking about him a lot. I’m trying to help him as best I can and its reminded me how much death affects me.  Often it can trigger me to think about living for today and not think  too far ahead. It has caused me issues in the past several times. I’m trying to  keep a good eye on myself anyway.  

Work is going well and things are looking good for this year. I need to put my pricing up yet again. I’ve lots of work ahead of me so still a slave to the wage. As usual my plans change. I think my plans now are to save up money and get out of the overdraft and pay off the credit cards yet again….once I can get some savings together I hope to start thinking far more about off grid living again and a full permaculture self sufficient place to live.  I guess I’m pretty positive at the minute. Woohoo. Life is good even if it’s only a game. 

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