Thank f**k it’s Friday

It’s Friday. Woohoo. Maybe a weekend off but maybe not. Lots to do but also if it’s wet I might not be able to do it.  I should be helping someone else but it’s all outside stuff. Anyway if it’s wet or windy it’s probably a no no.

   Last night I was going to watch a dvd with my son and he wanted to watch Sherlock.  I grabbed what I thought was the box only to discover it wasn’t Sherlock I’d picked up but Surrvivors instead. I looked at it and realised I couldn’t remember buying it then I realised not only had I bought it when I was manic I had watched it all too. The whole first series. I think I must of watched it in one night or two. I can only just vaguely remember. Very vaguely at that.  Had I not of found the dvd box I wouldn’t of known about it! Then I looked and saw a few other DVDs that I can’t remember buying! I’ve also used the credit card a lot. It must be up to over £2k on it now and I think it was at zero about 6-7 weeks ago.  Luckily I’ve got lots of work on and I can get it paid off over the next few months.  I know it’s no good hiding from this shit anymore. 

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