Super Sunday

It’s Sunday already and I’m feeling great. Things are good. I’ve done a few bits and pieces at home this morning. Some things in the garden and some minor repairs to things too.  It’s all good.  

Yesterday ( all my troubles seemed so far away….blah blah blah ) I had a bit of strange day.  I ended up having a very confused and paranoid state as well as some mood shifts.  I went to the local petrol station and filled my van up but when I looked for my wallet it wasn’t in the glove box whee it should of been. I looked but couldn’t find it.  I was panicked because it’s the wallet with my business debit card in.  Luckily I had my personal wallet with my credit card in so although paranoid and panicked at least I could pay.  I got home and couldn’t find my wallet where it should be if not in my van. I looked in the van again after thinking it must of been stolen and there it was in the glove box. It was right where I had looked at the garage too.  Either I was so confused, I was in a real crazy mental state and a customer even noticed which is unusual, or I was bloody blind briefly or at worst aliens or magic had transported it to another dimension to fuck with me only to put it back when I went to look again.  Maybe it was aliens or magick. Things can happen like that and sometimes do happen to me.   Anyway so the rest of yesterday I was a bit mixed I would say. I was up but grumpy, wired but tired too.  

So today I’m doing kind of ok although shattered and wired again. My stepdaughter came around this morning and I was full of life and chatty which was good.  It beats me being miserable when she’s here or moody !  I felt like my mouth couldn’t keep up with my brain because my head was fast. 

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