Psychiatrist, medication and hyper mania

I saw the psychiatrist on Monday which was great, funny and very good. She told me I have bipolar 1. Id figured as much myself. She also told me I’m hyper manic. Yep. Knew that. Haha. I’m feeling awesome again. I didn’t realise the depression had gotten a hold on me again.

So the psychiatrist wants me to consider medication to stop or slow me from the full mania. I explained what I don’t want from Meds and that didn’t leave much room for suggestion. In fact it only left one med. Lamotrigine. So I’m actually considering it. If I can keep the most awesome parts of me but loose deep depression and the worst parts of mania then I’m in…but it’s not so simple. Side effects. Hmm. Id rather not have any thank you very much but they do go hand in hand with any chemical introduced to the body and brain. So I have a few days to do my own research before she calls me back to talk further. I would like another face to face really but I know that mental health in the UK is very stretched and it’s probably not easy to get an appointment. I’m sure she would enjoy another meeting as it was highly entertaining for both of us. She was a little surprised that I’m intelligent and know my stuff. Lots to think about. 

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