Is this….level..?

where do I start? Hmmmm.  Ok. I’m now on medication. I decided that I’ll never know if Meds are for me or not unless I try them. So I agreed to try them. I started on Lamotrigine on Friday. Ive started on 50mg per day then up to 100mg per day for another week then 150mg for 2 weeks and see how I’m feeling.  Well on Friday I had a brief part of the afternoon feeling level. Saturday much the same. Sunday I was very hypomanic until well after lunchtime then I felt tired, Id had less sleep since Friday night, but level ish. Yesterday was cool.

   Today ive stayed off facebook a lot. Ive felt pretty level and focused too and still had lots of energy with concentration!!  So quite good I guess really.  It is very strange though. So I’ll see how it goes. It’s been a very very long while since I felt level. I am still quite hypomanic in the mornings though but in a good way. I think I could get used to this, even though to start with it feels boring! Haha  

Ah!  More news. Just over a week ago I did a me Sa home IQ test. Years ago I did one abd scored 136. I expected lower seeing as I’m older and it was maybe 20 years ago. Well it wasn’t lower. Quite the opposite. 148! That’s in the upper level. The  highly gifted level. The genius IQ level! It’s funny really.


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