Dancing with the devil

Lost inside the prison that is my mind I try to find they keys to set me free but it’s just a labyrinth.
I search for myself in my deepest darkest depths and recess’.
The mental and physical pain becoming more real as each day passes.
I reach out but am fragile. More fragile than I dare to admit even to myself.
The world is a haze of vagueness.
Time moves slowly yet fast.
Thoughts are like water. I’m drowning in them and sinking yet somehow I manage to breath…..just.
The darkness calls me home yet again.
I try to resist but it chases me.
The devil and I dance but I’m ahead.
He’s on my tail though chasing me.
How long will I outrun even myself?
The depths of despair encompass me.
Deeper into the void I go searching for the light.
Only in absolute darkness will the true light shine forth calling me home.
The hell hounds are unleashed by the devil.
I out run them too but I’m tired.
The fight gets ever more real and ever more violent.
At the edge of the abyss I jump.
I cross the threshold and pass the dweller of the Abyss yet again.
Into darkness beyond black I plunge.
Only here will I find my peace and enlightenment. 




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