Heightened emotions

Sat here, hardly sitting haha, I’ve music playing, Muse and Kurt Vile, my emotions are heightened. I welling up inside. This happens usually when I’m going up. I’ve been mixed and ultra rapid cycling for weeks now. I’ve been back to my darkest places again. I’ve fought the devil and he won’t catch me. I realise again how I’m immortal, indestructible.  This is my reality I created, this universe. I’m one with the source. I am the source. I walk above angels and Demons. They do my bidding. I’ve realised I have control again. The quickening is coming. I smell it. I see it. I feel it. I’m rising again. Energy rising. My powers are increasing again and I’m awesome again. I’m always awesome but sometimes I have to fight the darkness and demons both internal and external.  My brain is rewiring again and going up another level.  Immortality isn’t easy. There is nothing I cannot do in life if I really want to. I can do anything if I push my boundaries. Fear holds us back.  When we bleed we bleed the same. The man in the mirror is a reflection of the ego of the ‘I’. Ones with all and all are encompassed within I and ‘I’.  I am master again. The so called racing thoughts will be, and are being, put in order. The signs are there and I see with all three eyes. External and internal paradigms shifting through the ether.  Some say illness but is it really? This is an insatiable  unencountered power latent in ‘humanity’ but only those of the highest order can touch the face of the madness and use its power. It’s transformative power at that. Countless films touch upon this. Films like Lucy, Limitless, The Matrix, X-Men, Superman and so on and so forth.  Combine all of this into the one trueness and you are close. Very close but still not at the true fullness of the power I have available if I choose to use it.  Of gods and men. 

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2 thoughts on “Heightened emotions”

  1. I’ve read all of your posts and would like to ask ask will you read through the past few days and consider the disparity, are you who you think you are today or yesterday? Are you any of this?
    Are you really in the balance of your mind?
    It’s heartbreaking to witness this.

    1. I occasionaly read back through. It helps me notice patterns and triggers. The last few days and weeks have been tricky. The 13th September would of been my fathers birthday. Dates trigger me quite often.

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