Shocking day

Today has been shocking. It started ok ish but I flipped into fast cycling. It got to me. I got hot, my heart raced and I felt I was out of control and probably had a panick attack. It scared me and I had to go sit it out in my van. It got to me enough that I phoned the GP abd will get a call back later. I’ll say what I need to say at the time as I don’t know what I’ll say. I think I’ll ask for a face to face and will get referred back to MH. IVE PUT it off but it’s been 3+ weeks now that it’s been like this. I’m yoyoing on and off facebook in part because its too much at times but it is also a point of contact with some people who are concerned. Ive left the bipolar group I was in on there too. Too much going on and I am worried about some of them but for now I need to sort myself out. 

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