Always chasing the future

Am I the only one who’s realising that we constantly chase the future?  Its 6:42 am here and I’ve been up since 5:40 am and awake since 5:15 am. I’ve been racking my brain trying to work out when I will actually have money in my business again, let alone my personal account. Being always owed money is ok as that’s part of being in business I guess, but mentally I struggle with it because as I start to make headway I have more to pay out. Mentally I keep telling myself in 6 months it’ll be better or a year etc etc. I feel like I’m chasing the future and never turkey living properly. How can I get my head back in gear and just be? Is money just a trap to keep us controlled Because money isn’t even backed up by gold anymore let alone real? How can every country be in debt and who are they in debt to? Central banks, that’s who. Central banks are private banks. I’ve figured we never can repay the debts that these central banks create to our countries and our countries then tax us more to try to pay back these false debts. Debts that are created out of thin air not real money or real value. So we also get into personal debt to live in this false debt consumer driven world. Well I need to get off this fake train and go off grid! 

Rant aside I do feel I need to reconnect with my higher nature. To jump off the money train. To get back in tune with nature herself. 

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