Feeling good. Busy busy busy weekend

I’m back on the hypomania train. Awesome. I’m feeling really good. I’ve been on only 50mg of Lamotrogine for 10 days now.  I’m being referred back to MH now.  I went to the GP last Monday about getting referred back because of the mixed episode/ultradian cycling. I also talked about CAT with her too. She said she will put it in the letter to MH.  All is good.  I also spoke to her about ongoing shoulder pains and that I had put me neck out last Saturday and Sunday and neurofen wasn’t touching the pain. She prescribed naproxen for pain relief. So far it’s been pretty good. The first few days it did away with the pain fully.  It’s creeping back a bit now it hey ho such is life.  

  I now have2 allotment plots and have been very busy tidying plot 2 up.  My son has been a huge help.  We’ve been there on and off all weekend or fishing basically with a few customer visits thrown in too.  I love being me and having this energy. It’s awesome.  So much getting done and so much to do.  All is good.  I love feeling this good.  I even had a week or so of being good ‘level’ which was good. I managed to meditate a few times and have very clear thinking.  I’m planning allotments and growing space in the field that we are going to rent. I’m planning on growing more in the field so we can sell the excess and also give some to family too.  Feeling good is good and it’s good to feel good.  I’m just hoping the pain starts to go away and I can stop taking the pain relief.  I hate taking pills.  

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