Physical health problem maybe.

I woke up the early hours of Saturday morning in agony.  I tried to get up but had to lay down on the floor.  I thought I was going to pass out but didn’t.  I had a pain in my right side just under my ribs and it was nasty.  I managed to get downstairs as I didn’t want to wake anyone but my wife was awake as I’d been tossing and turning in bed before trying to get comfortable.  I laid down on the sofa and finally managed to go back to bed but still in pain.  I either fell asleep or passed out because I came around and then turned the lights out.  Saturday when I woke up I was ok.  Did what I needed to do and even went to work for a few hours.   About 4:30-5am Sunday similar happened but I didn’t try to get up.  I managed to sleep again and when I got up I had a busy day.  I phoned the doctors to get an appointment yesterday morning but couldn’t get one in the end so I got a phone call back and spoke to a GP. She said to go to hospital to get blood tests done and to see her today and that it sounds like gall stones or a bile duct problem.  She also said if the pain comes back to go straight to hospital.  I’ll see what happens today.    

I have had mild dull pain there since yesterday now and my stomach has been rumbling since then too, which normally it doesn’t.  I guess the funny irony of this is that there’s a possibility that I have a potential life threatening health issue and I don’t want it to get that far yet I have attempted to kill myself a few times.  My mum had gall stones which they couldn’t find and it led to acute pancreatitis, something I really don’t want.  

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