7th April 2017 and level

I’m level.  I’ve been level for a short while now. A few weeks.  I could really get used to this.  I’ve had some quickening of thought lately but only brief.  I am finding therapy is really good and along with good circadian rhythms and reading some interesting books it’s all helping.  I’m finally facing the future and making plans for it.  I’m finally facing the financial mess that has come about and sorting it out fully bit by bit.  It’s all starting to look much better.  I’m off all mental health groups on Facebook and I restrict my use of it now too.  I can see triggers much more clearly now too so am avoiding most of them and am getting stronger.  I need to get even better at cutting out or taking myself away from any triggers as and when I need to.  It’s the way forwards.  I have much less contact with some good friends on Facebook at the minute but I’m needing to do this to find myself and get and keep myself well.  When well enough I can slowly get back in touch but only after I’m fully grounded again.  I’ve accepted that I will get unwell again and if and when it happens then it will happen.  Fighting it hasn’t always been a good move for me as I fight too hard and make myself even more unwell.  The better I feel the more I can see that I have, at times, been manipulated and abused.  With this growing strength I will learn to cut these people and things out much sooner and hopefully not even get involved with them.  

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