Still level but tired

Im still feeling level but I’m noticing tiredness creeping in. Maybe it’s a time of year thing plus there’s a possible trigger date coming up.

This time last year I had what I thought was flu but turned out to be pneumonia. I’m in a much better place mentally too this year as well as physically. The possible trigger date is the second anniversary of my dads death on 16th May, or at least I think it’s that date.  I’ve noticed my energy levels fluctuate at certain points of the year and I can get physically and mentally unwell. I’m always trying to keep an eye out for these things and the initial warnings and triggers.

I’ve noticed a few slight pains in the centre of my chest so I’m taking it easy today. I’ve been on the go quite a bit lately and very productive with lots of food growing and veg bed preparation. I think my body is saying to rest more, which I’ve done the last couple of weeks. Although my resting more is still busy by most people’s standards.  I’ve also noticed my concentration has slipped a bit and I’m finding it a bit harder to focus to read and I keep diving in and out of Facebook or checking my YouTube channel! I’ll maybe switch to a different book briefly even though I’m loving reading about soil building and health. The book is called ‘Building Soil’ and it’s by Elizabeth Murphy.  Anyway I need to relax into it all, not push myself to read or punish myself for lack of con traction. Maybe I’ll ‘veg’ out for a bit this evening. 

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