I have another appointment with the psychologist this afternoon.  There’s still so much to talk about.  This is the last of the booked sessions again,  we book 5-6 week blocks each time, and I have the option of reducing them or continuing.  I thought I was doing really well until something really threw me the other day. It brought lots up about things from when I was last really unwell and it showed me how I’m getting stronger but also showed how others can still affect me and my mental health.  I’m going to put up more safety barriers.  There are too many people in life who play games and too many who abuse others.  Abuse comes in many forms too and control does.  I’m not sure if it’s the modern world or if it’s just me but I seem to encounter more than my share of narcissists.  They’re a particularly controlling entity.  They abuse and control and it’s always ‘me me me’ and lots of ‘I want this, I need x y and z and I have to have such and such’.  It’s part of the reason I have remained off mental health groups as well as normal waking life.  I’ve seen many appear on them and abuse people who are mentally unwell.  Anyway I need to gain control over who I let into my mind because others have warned me in the past and even though warned I don’t always see it.  Narcs, psychopaths and sociopaths everywhere.   I don’t need that shit.

 Work is busy again and I’m trying to keep some good perspective there.  It got a little tricky last month as I had pencilled in a big job but heard no more about it.   It’s all part of running a business I guess.    


Life goes on.  

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