A calm Monday morning

I’m ready for my day and week ahead. I’m ready for it and I’m not anxious.  I am slowly finding ways of coping with my anxieties and my monkey mind.  I’ll never win fully but I will keep going. I’m creating new ways of thinking and keeping reasonably rigid ways with work.  I have been reading about Stoicism and it is a help.  I’ve found out that it’s the basis of CBT as well so it’s all very interesting.  My sleep patterns had been slightly disturbed and I have had a couple of weeks or o of a very mini high.  I’ve nipped it in the bud and now see a way forwards. I’ve had a few shocks the last couple of weeks by people doing things that I didn’t kind of expect but at the same time I expect the unexpected so it should be of no surprise to me.  I have also heard about a big job which I had been waiting to hear about and life is good again. I fact lots of work has come in and I need to focus more on work and less on social media and less on others.

   I had another session with my psychologist on Friday.  It was hard work yet again but very productive.  I know have a prospectus for the ‘recovery college’ and might see about a few courses and maybe I will eventually help run some too.  I’m yet undecided.  One thing I did do is stop off on my way home and record myself an uploaded it to YouTube.  I’ll add a link and maybe it’ll be of benefit to others. Who knows? 


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