Another day

It’s 6:14 am on 28th march 2014. I’ve been up since 5:45 and awake since maybe 5:00 or shortly after. I’m feeling ok, but my right knee hurts from 2 manic sessions at skipping last night. I needed to use some energy up! 

I’ve not got much to say, which makes a change for me. I need to get back to my meditating and my enlightenment. I can find inner peace. I often wonder if I am far more aware than the rest of the population and that’s why I struggle at times with my thoughts, because I can see we need to change as  humans and as individuals. We could love such beautiful lives, rich in the wonders of the world. Free energy is there to be used too. How much could we achieve if we worked together? Look at Findhorn foundation in Scotland or Damanhur in Italy! We can do so much. 

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