Sleep and up?

I’ve been making sure I get 7 1/2 – 8 hours sleep each night this week. Over the weekend I rested lots.  I’m noticing the subtle changes though. I’m noting emotions getting more vivid. Music is affecting them too. I’m possibly being hyper vigilant but maybe I’m right. Maybe I’m headed for a high. It’s due haha. It’s the time of year and it’s a 2 year cycle. What’s also strangely amazing is I’m working in the same place I was 2 years ago and even last year I was working there at this time too.  I know the seasons affect me.  I’m focusing my energy on my life and business. Today is day 3 of being off Facebook.  Yet again I can see how it is a time trap and addiction.  So far while off there I’ve been more switched on and present. I’ve been cooking our evening meal for the last few nights.  I’ve had time to think clearly. I’ve realised I/we can drift from one year to the next but we get closer to our end goals.  I’ve also noticed I’m more focused and that I need quite rigid plans.  That’s one thing I’m looking at implementing again, written plans, for life and work.  

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