Life and stuff etc etc

I’m still off Facebook. Although tonight I briefly went on to post an update and some photos on a food growing group. I’ve since come off again.  So tomorrow is or would of been my fathers birthday. His 77th. I’m also due to start on a job on a roof tomorrow. Its supposed to be blowing huge gusts but I’ll see. Maybe I need the wildness. It’s a house I’ve worked on before and has some mixed memories with it.  I was at my most unwell before starting there when I renovated it and I also had pneumonia while there along with some better memories too thankfully.  I’m part way into converting the top of a cartshed too. A job I wasn’t due to start yet but due to cercumstances out of my control and a scaffold not up I had to switch things around. Something I did quite easily. A few months ago I’d of panicked that things weren’t how I wanted them to be.  Thankfully I’m doing well now.  Better than I have for years. I can see a future again which is something I couldn’t see not too long ago.  Sometimes we have to live day by day or even hour by hour. Whatever happens we can overcome it. 

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