Staying well and dealing with blips

I’ve realised that the longer I’m well the longer I think I will stay well.  I’ve made notes on my phone, which duplicate onto my iPad, to look at and to add to as and when needed.  Thy range from normal things to keep in check in life to things to do with how I run my business and my work and life ethics.  I’m finding that although I have blips and my though processing sometimes switches back to the patterns I had when unwell I’m able to notice them more now and act on them, even if it takes some hindsight.  I’m still off Facebook for the most part, certainly while at work, and occasionally log back in just to check on a gardening/food growing group that I’m on.  I’m finding I’m much more productive and my thought processes are changing for the better.  Facebook is a huge distraction and waste of time for me personally and probably is for most others too.  I find that I end up checking comments and replies etc and often I disagree with others. It’s far better avoiding it on the whole.  I’ve decided that I want to learn Spanish and now have a free app, it’s kind of ok, and have now bought a course that comes as 19 books as PDF and some MP3 DVDs too.  Maybe I’ll not like it but I’ll certainly try it.  My daughter said I should learn Mandarin and she’s quite right because I’d love too.  I love a good challenge.  I’m also now looking at ways to make my business work better for me and I’m changing how I run things slightly so that I use my time more efficiently.  I’ve started to save a small amount and I can then look at ways to invest that money so that we can do more of the things we want to do instead of feeling like we’re just getting by.  Kara is making gallons of apple cider vinegar for the horses and also to sell.  She already has several friends who want to buy it for themselves and their horses.  Between all of us were getting to a lovely level.  I’ve also made another bipolar type YouTube video. 


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