Patreon. It took a lot of thinking about

I’ve added a Patreon button to this blog. I had pondered on it for some time as this blog isn’t about money.  It’s about bipolar and my journey with it in life. What I write is just about me and I hope that it might be of help to others.  Each year I pay more to keep the blog online and to pay the web host.  I always pay it but of someone helped even a small amount that would be great.  If not I’ll still keep going.  

    Things are going well and I’m mentally very stable now.  I’m not about to rush out and do anything stupid either.  I’m looking at ways to make life better for myself and my family and clearing my own personal debts is something I’m facing up to and working hard at.   I’ve got my business out of the overdraft for the first time in about 3 years and it’s made me realise how debt has also kept me unwell.  A lot of my debts are caused by myself and I’m facing up to them now and can plan a bit further than that as well.

  To feel level is awesome now.  To start with it felt strange and unnatural.  Others are noticing that I seem really well and my hair is growing longer.  It’s been a few months since I cut it and for 4 years or so I’d kept it close to bald or fully bald.  It was drastic to cut it and I always used to have slightly rough flyaway hair.  It’s getting a bit scruffy again but I like it.  Soon I’ll go and get a haircut.  A proper haircut.  Not just shave it off.

  So many things have cropped up lately in my mind and in life.  I’ve realised how many times my dad used to tell me that “you’re just like my brother. He was just  a dreamer too” etc etc.  I’ve realised how damaging this was, and I say WAS because I’ll not let it stop me achieving my plans and goals now.  No more niggling in the back of my mind from, or caused by, others.  It’s interesting that now I’m getting stronger and in ‘recovery’ that I can face so many things and accept them for what they are or were.  

Life goes on and is getting really good.  I wish I could share this with my subscribers and help them to feel how I do now.  Recovery is very possible.  

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