Giving someone back their faith in humanity

This morning on my way to work there was a diversion which lead down a single track back road. I had a car in front. It was frosty and the sun was low behind us. Then there was a lorry coming in the other direction. We hardly had anywhere to go. The car in front pulled into an opening on the side. I couldn’t quite get in so I figured I’d have to reverse up and pull up the bank. I checked my mirrors. I couldn’t see anything. Started to reverse and after moving maybe 3’ I hit something. I checked my mirrors again and couldn’t see anything. I jumped out. There was a woman in a car, a car narrower than my van, right behind me in my blind spot. I told her I’d pull over once the lorry had passed.  So I did. She got out almost in tears. She’s American and said how England has been so hard on her and asked for a hug so I gave her one. I told her things will get better. My van has no damage and her car just has a piece of plastic that’s popped out.  I chatted with her and said how things can seem really bad but that they will change. I explained how I couldn’t see her in my mirrors.   We had to move so drive down the road to give our details etc. I told her that it’ll be ok and to go get it looked at and that I’ll pay for it to be fixed. She’s just bought the car and is struggling in life. She was amazed at my kindness and my help. She shouldn’t of been so close but shit happens and it seems like she’s had more than her fair share of it. I’m hoping that by paying for her car to be fixed her luck changes. I know we create our own luck but sometimes when something good seems to happen it changes our perspective and starts setting us up for good things. I think I’ve helped her in more ways than one.  I’m glad I could. 

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