Everything is awesome

Everything is awesome.

 I worked some of yesterday. I couldn’t do one of the jobs as the chimney was too tall to fit the cowl on my own but I’ll go back and fit it with someone else. The guy also wants other work doing too so all good.  Afterwards I took my son to the beach and we did some casting practice then fished a bit. We packed up after a few hours and went to another beach to fish. He loved it. We got home before 9pm and I wasn’t late to bed. It’s all good.

  This morning  I slept in until 7:28am, just before the alarm I had set, got up, drank some tea, went to the allotments just after 8 and then went home for breakfast. Just after 9:20am we drove to the city and I’m waiting for a haircut. It’s the first time in a few years that I’ve had a proper haircut rather than just shaving it all off to bald or stupidly short. It’s made me realise how good my mental health is now.  I figure I’m really getting back to being myself. I want to look smart again instead of not caring. Yesterday I had shave too.  I want to look good for myself and customers. I’m attracting good things to me in life again.  

Everything is awesome

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