Sleep makes a difference

I had a sleep when I got in yesterday after work.  It’s made a huge difference as I felt grotty and tired.  I felt like I was coming down with a cold or something. I went to bed early too. Today I feel good again and everything is great.  I did feel tiredabout9:30am but it soon passed.  I’m still getting up around 6am.  

 I’m finishing work tomorrow for the Christmas holidays and it’s good.   I could do with the short break and I can reasses my goals while off work.  I’ll also practice drumming more.  I need to keep on top of it again as I’m in a local band now.   I’m going to write out more goals and keep pushing towards bigger ones.  I know there will be side steps and also some setbacks in some ways but I’ll keep going and accept its part of life.   Life is short enough without me holding myself back, punishing myself or taking things far too seriously.   I’ve accepted I could get unwell again and that’s something I’ll face when or if it happens.  My plan to stay well means keeping a few things in check and watching over myself a lot more than I realised but that’s all ok.   Having some passion and drive in life is helping with that.  

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