Seeing my cpn

Today I had an appointment with my cpn.  He came to mine, he normally does as it’s easier for us both and it’s on his way home.  He was a bit late but that was ok. We chatted about things and where I’m at. We spoke about Christmas and things.  He asked about the plans I had before Christmas regarding property etc and I said the plans are still in place and how I’m hitting goals etc.  He told me how impressed and in awe of how I’ve done and how much I can do. He’s pretty amazed at how well I cope and how I keep myself well. We even talked about possibly going med free at some point.  He’s a really nice bloke but in a way I hope I don’t see him again in a professional manner because I’m now discharged from mental health services! I’m discharged! That’s so cool. I’m really happy.  It’s shown me how far I’ve come and how much I’ve worked through.  I can get referred back to services by my GP if I ever need to in the future, I was discharged before briefly, but I’m hoping that this time it’s permanant or certainly much much longer!  I’m getting used to feeling this well and being level isn’t so boring after all.  I still have lots of good energy and I have my DRIVE back again.  I have some direction and lots of goals to hit.  It’s all good. 

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